All About Dental X-rays

For many of us, when we got to a dentist regularly, you might see that you’re getting a dental x-ray every so often.  These are actually very important to the professionals, and while it might be weird that you’re getting them every now and then, the dentist will know exactly what’s really going on there.  You might wonder just what these x-rays tell you and why you get them a lot.  Well, there are a few reasons why, and this article will go over all about what dental x-rays do for you.

Now, to explain what a dental x-ray is, is simple. It’s an image in 2D that shows the bones and your anatomy of your tooth below where you can see, such as the gums and enamel.  Typically, you either get a film or digital x-ray.  A digital one is typically what is used in more modern places today, and it’s replacing film in a lot of ways, and it emits much less radiation than your film x-rays.  It’s a lot faster too and way easier to work with.  Because of this, many dental offices are trying to switch to this.

Many of these x-rays can be interoral ones, such as ones that are taken from inside the mouth. There are some taken outside the mouth, and these are called extraoral, which are usually done around the jawline.  These show the details of the teeth and the bones, which will also tell you where cavities lie, any tooth development issues, any anchoring and root issues, and even how your jawbone is.  Many of the extraoral x-rays look more at the structure of your head, mostly your jaw, which is where the teeth sit.  This will also tell you about impacted teeth, jaw health, and also help you if there are any fractures or breaks.

Really, how often you get this depends on how long you’ve been without an x-ray. Because of the radiation, many times they won’t do it if it’s been too little of time, but they are used to give you a good diagnosis.  You typically will get one about 24-36 months, however it can be changed based on the case basis to give you the best dental care.  If you are often getting tooth issues, such as cavities, root problems, gum disease, gingivitis, and other jaw issues, you might get them more if that’s what needed.

If you don’t get them a lot however, it can cause problems. There might be some tooth decay going unseen, plaque issues, tartar buildup, rotting root, and other such things.  If you find these as early as you can, you’ll be able to get a good treatment to help get rid of it. If you don’t’ get these however, the problems could go unseen, and it might get worse, which leads to other problems that can be threatening to your own oral health.

Typically, the amount of radiation that you get is very low.  You actually get less radiation from this than when you go on a short plane ride.  Often, the radiation that you get from a digital x-ray is even less than what you get naturally from the sun.  you should talk to your Roseburg Oregon dentist to find out what they use, and you should make sure that you do consult the right person with this.

x-rays are very important for your overall tooth health, and while many people often get these and have no clue why in the world you might get them, it’s definitely an impactful sort of reason. If you’re worried about underlying issues, or if you haven’t gotten one in a terribly long time, you should make sure that you talk to your doctor and get one before you seek further treatment and care. Who knows, you might end up causing yourself a lot of security if you find this out right away, and because of that, you’ll certainly be much happier as well, and you’ll be able to have the best sort of dental health possible. Your dental health matters, and it’s something that you’ll certainly want to have, and something that is important for you too.


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